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R. Kelly Kyle is admitted to practice in Mississippi and Louisiana.

Elizabeth Wynn is admitted to practice in Mississippi and Tennessee.

Knowledge is the first requirement of good estate planning.  Our firm seeks to fulfill this requirement at every opportunity.  Our attorneys are often on the road, traveling all over Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee, hosting free informational seminars and accepting speaking engagements  to help inform the public on estate planning issues.  We offer a variety of free informative publications through our office, all designed to help educate you on the different types of trusts, Medicaid planning, asset protection, veteran's benefits, and many other issues.   Our firm delivers a full range of services in elder law and estate planning, but we also take the time necessary to ensure that our clients fully understand each step in the process, and each document we prepare, a crucial part of which is the very first meeting, absolutely free of charge, where you have the opportunity to ask the attorney all the questions on your mind.

Kyle Wynn & Associates, PLLC seeks to answer these questions and provide you with true peace of mind through effective planning.  Our long record of dealing with Elder Law and Estate Planning matters has proven the effectiveness of our plans and the satisfaction of our clients.  With offices located in Madison, Diamondhead, and Hernando, Mississippi, as well as Arcadia, Louisiana, we work hard to provide our clients with an estate plan in which they and their family members can have the utmost confidence. 

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An exclusively elder law and estate planning law firm serving clients in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee for more than forty-two years from offices in

Madison, Hernando, and Diamondhead, Mississippi, and Arcadia, Louisiana

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