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While you are living, you make informed decisions and manage your personal business accordingly.  But what will happen upon your death?  Who will distribute your property?  How does the probate process work and how much will it cost?  Is it even necessary?  If you don’t die, but become incapacitated through stroke or Alzheimer’s disease, who has the authority to manage your affairs?

The answers to these questions and many others fall in the realm of estate planning or elder law or both, the specialty of Kyle Wynn & Associates.  Over the period of forty years, our attorneys have crafted methods and materials which help those outside of the law business navigate complex processes like probate, Medicaid planning, and conservatorship.  Part of our mission is to disseminate this information to as many as we can reach, because no one deserves to suffer through the frustration of a poorly executed estate plan.  

In pursuit of this aim we have crafted several different seminars designed to educate participants on the merits of estate planning.  The subject matter of the seminar can be tailored to the needs of your group, including general estate planning, asset protection, living trusts, and nursing home planning.  We accommodate lengths from fifteen minutes to an hour, and we provide a plethora of informational handouts, all designed to educate and inform.

We feel it imperative to note that these speaking engagements are not sales presentations, nor do they cost anything – no fee for the speaker, no fee for the materials, and no tables selling anything in the lobby.  They are absolutely free in every way, just a part of our firm’s effort to provide accurate information on subjects too often shrouded in confusion and urban legend.

We are always happy to discuss your organization's needs and how we can help.  If you would like more information or to schedule one of our attorneys to speak with your organization, please call (601) 978-1700 or 800-839-7857.

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