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Attorney R. Kelly Kyle stops by WJNT Newstalk Monday mornings at 7:30 to host "Peace of Mind Estate Planning."  Through his years of experience, both personal and professional, in the fields of Elder Law and Estate Planning, Mr. Kyle has accumulated a wealth of interesting examples involving people from all walks of life, some of which may be similar to your situation. 

Do you have to be wealthy to need estate planning? Find out why the answer is "No" and how you and your family can benefit by answering some very basic questions now.  Maybe a few years ago it seemed a good idea to leave your estate to your children directly, but that can cause problems. What if an heir is going through a divorce, or involved in a lawsuit?  Learn from the mistakes of others, don't repeat them!  Mr. Kyle covers these topics and many more every Monday morning at 7:30 on WJNT.