Do You Need a Living Trust?

Here are just ten situations (there are many others) in which a Living Trust would provide a significant benefit to the Trustor:

  • You want to maintain management and control of your assets during your lifetime and ensure someone of your choice takes over upon your death.  
  • Your beneficiaries reside outside of the state and would incur great expense to administer your estate through probate.
  • You want to be certain that you choose who manages your affairs, and that you determine the conditions under which they will be managed.  
  • Your estate's value exceeds the lifetime estate tax exemption, and you want to take full advantage of tax savings that are only possible through expert planning.
  • You own real estate in more than one state and want to avoid multiple probates in your home state as well as in the state(s) where your other property is located.
  • You want your heirs to avoid capital gains taxes associated with gifting a highly appreciated asset.
  • You own a business or farm and want to avoid the harmful disruptions in business caused by probate, or you want to plan and provide for a family member who helps run the farm or business while also fairly providing for other family members who do not actively participate.  
  • You have minor children, minor grandchildren, or special needs descendants for whose care you wish to provide.
  • You have children by a previous marriage or a second spouse, and you want to make sure everyone is provided for without the common problem of accidental disinheritance.

These are of course, by no means the only reasons you might benefit from having a Living Trust. Nearly all but the most modest of estates can be handled much more efficiently and cost-effectively by using a trust to avoid conservatorship and probate.

What's the first step?

If you want to learn more, Kyle Wynn & Associates, PLLC regularly holds seminars in cities and towns in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee in which our attorneys explain estate planning methods and how they can relate to you.  Following our seminars, we offer free, private consultations at the seminar location in which our methods are explained in great detail and all of your questions can be answered.  Click here  for our seminars currently being offered.  But you don't have to attend a seminar to arrange for a consultation.  You can always request a consultation in one of our offices near you.

Learning about a Living Trust is only the start of expert planning, but the first step is the most important.  Contact us at 601-978-1700 or 800-839-7857 Monday-Friday during normal business hours to arrange a consultation so that we can help guide you on your path to true Peace of Mind Estate Planning.

What people are saying about Kyle-Wynn & Associates:

"I've attended other seminars put on by other planners in the past. I left there not knowing any more than I did going in, but your presentation and the written materials I received far surpassed any others. Thanks for helping me decide what plan was right for my family and me."

C. M., 2014

"The postcard for your seminar arrived at just the right time. We were faced with having to make some hard choices regarding my father's long-term care and we didn't realize we had any options at all when it came to saving his assets. I'm glad I took the time to attend your seminar!"

S. H., 2016

I highly recommend this firm.  They are very easy to work with and very professional. We had a great experience, and they covered every detail of our plan exactly as we wanted.

C. B. & P. B., 2017

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